Acid Reflux Cure- 5 Secret Cures Your Doctor Forgot to Mention About Heartburn

Have you ever left your doctor’s office thinking that he might have forgotten to mention something about your problem?
Recently, I left the doctor’s office and got into my car, only to think that my doctor didn’t tell me everything about my virus. I drove to the pharmacy only to find the medication would cost me over a hundred dollars (after insurance) and I would still be un-educated about this ailment?
Was there something else I could do to help my body fight this?
Is medication necessary or could I let the virus run its course?
Maybe you’re asking yourself, is there a simple acid reflux cure he also forgot to tell you?
An Acid Reflux Cure Your Doctor will Never Mention
Doctors and medicine do have their place in modern society. In most cases, doctors and medicine have helped and sometimes saved lives. But, in some cases (especially acid reflux), doctors and medicine are hurting more patients than helping.
Have you ever noticed that drugs like Nexium, Tagamet, Omeprazole, Prvacid, and Zantac are only supposed to be used for 8 weeks maximum (read the label)? There’s a reason for that…
The Major Reason is because many people who have GERD or Acid Reflux, take these prescription drugs to treat their heartburn symptoms for 4-8 weeks. But long-term use can cause the body to make a hormone called gastrin. Gastrin allows your stomach to make more acid thus helping with the heartburn problem. But this hormone also increases the risk of cancer to your digestive tract. Thus, do not use for more than 8 weeks. And if you are worried about cancer, I wouldn’t use the drugs at all.
5 Secrets Your Doctor Won’t Mention About an Acid Reflux Cure
1. Heal Your LES Today- The first step to curing your acid reflux is to heal your Lower Esophageal Sphincter (LES). The LES is a muscle flap that keeps your stomach acids in your stomach. When the LES is scratched, stomach acid can escape and cause heartburn and damage the esophagus. To heal your LES, eat soft foods for at least two days.
2. Stay Away From- During the first few days, you must stay away from the following: spicy foods, acidic foods, alcohol, carbonated soft drinks, cigarettes and coffee. The substances in these foods/drinks have been known to aggravate the LES. Slowly, reintroduce them back in your diet.
3. Water- There has been share this site thousands of reasons to drink water and here is one more. You should be drinking a tall glass of water after every meal. Water helps cleanse the LES so it closes up tighter, not allowing gases and acid to leak up in your esophagus, causing pain.
4. Chew, chew, chew! – This is a habit your need to constantly remind yourself to do. But, most people do not chew their food thoroughly enough. The ‘chewed’ food will be less likely to scratch the esophagus and LES, thus causing fewer flare-ups. It will also allow you to lose pounds quickly and eat less. I’ve had hundreds of customers who have lost up to 30 pounds just by chewing more.
5. Honey? – Honey has been found in Egyptian Pyramids and many experts believe this was the first natural cure known to man. Raw, liquid honey has been known to stimulate re-growth of tissue (esophagus and LES). Take one teaspoon before you go to bed.
Start Your Treatment Today
Are you serious about your overall health and the devastating effects acid reflux can have on it? Do you feel as if acid reflux is burning a whole in your throat? Are you willing to try almost anything for healing it?
If you are serious about this problem, would you be interested in a guaranteed acid reflux cure. Thousands of our customers were tired of re-occurring flare-ups and tried our guarantee share our website only to find share our website out that your body can naturally heal acid reflux if given the proper tools to do so. Though these 5 secrets will be helpful to begin the treatment, they are only the beginning. To discover my dad’s natural remedy, please visit our website to find out what fruit naturally cures GERD.
Acid Reflux Cure
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Acid Reflux Cure

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