Dental Implant Prices in Southern California

Many of our patients have told us that getting pricing from other dentists for dental implants can be a real challenge. We鎶砮 always posted our prices online and have been happy to share them. We didn’t really understand why people were experiencing so much trouble getting dentists to give them pricing so we decided to see for ourselves and called local dentists in Southern California. It helped us to know our competition and how to give our customers the best deal possible.

When we tried contacting dental offices we quickly understood what everyone was complaining about! It鎶?not an easy to get quotes, especially when some places want to charge $7,000 for a single roblox hack cheats tool implant.

We decided to do the work for you and save you all the hassle by calling over 500+ dental offices in Southern California and going through the process of getting quotes for single implants. The price ranges we received were from $1,450 to $7,250 and this article will explain why there is such a variation.

Our goal with this article is to give you the most complete guide to purchasing dental implants in Southern California so you can get the best deal possible without having do all the time consuming research.

What is the Average Price for Dental Implants in Southern California?

After we tallied up all of the pricing we found out that the average cost of a dental implant in Southern California is around $3,178. Los Angeles has the cheapest pricing for dental implants at $1,450 while a dental office in this website San Diego quoted us $7,000. The pricing fluctuates so much simply because some dentists markup the cost for their time more than others.

Provided below are the top ten most populated cities in Southern California and their average prices.

Los Angeles – $2,291
San Diego – $3,567
Long Beach – $3,618
Bakersfield – $3,612
Santa Ana – $3,658
Anaheim – $3,021
Riverside – $4,125
Chula Vista – $3,111
Irvine – $3,375
San Bernardino – $3,100

A Breakdown of the Average Cost for a Dental Implant

The Implant procedure itself can cost the patient between $800-$2500.
The abutment will cost the patient between $200 and $500.
The crown can cost the patient anywhere from $650 up to $5000.

I find that the markups that some dental offices have for materials is quite appalling. Many of the places we called charged 1000% more for the implant, abutment and crown than what the actual item cost the dentist. This gives them huge profit margins at the expense of the customer.

A lot of these dentists have priced their dental implants out of the range of average-income patients more information and they simply just can鎶?afford to get the procedure which I find ridiculous. The actual cost of the materials for a dentist is between $150 – $700 including setup and materials

At Implant Centers we try to give the best quality dental implant at the lowest price possible because I believe that we as health professionals have committed ourselves to improving our community.

At Implant Centers we offer the lowest prices in Southern California at $1,450 an implant and we still make a great profit. The dentists that are selling implants for $7,000 are simply forcing their clients unneeded costs.

What About Those Dental Implants Advertised for $399?

Sometimes you鎶 hear an advertisement on the radio or see a billboard on the freeway promoting dental implants for only $399. Is it too good to be true? How can these dentists charge so little and still make a profit?

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