Birth of a Grandchild

The birth of a grandchild is a special event. My baby is having a baby any day now. The excitement of welcoming a new family member is in the air. This is my third grandchild that is cracking my heart open once again.
Almost 10 years ago I was preparing for the birth of a grandchild, my first. I asked the Divine to guide me as I planned my trip from Seattle to New York to be with my daughter when she gave birth to my grandson.
Arriving only hours after she gave birth, I was able to hold my beautiful grandson in my arms. It felt as though he were my child as my heart filled with love for best electric kettle review him. That’s how strong our bond is from the moment I held him. What a joy!!!
It was 9 years ago when my granddaughter arrived in Seattle. Standing opposite my son together we welcomed his precious baby girl into the world, another birth of a grandchild for me.
The nurses did their thing as my grandchild lay crying on the table. Gently I placed my hand on her chest and whispered to her how much she is loved. Soothed and relaxed she turned her face toward me and instantly we bonded.
Sacred Feminine Grandma
As a Sacred visit more information Feminine Grandma to my grandson aged 9 1/2 and granddaughter aged 9 I am aware that I carry the Sacred Feminine essence within me from the Divine Mother, my mother and from my ancestors in Ireland.
What a wonderful opportunity I have in being a Sacred Feminine Grandma. It is so different from being a parent. Grandparents do not carry the weight of the responsibilty to raise their grand kids in most cases. So we are free to simply be with these precious beings in the moment with joy.
Gratefully I get to love, accept, be non-judgemental, play, be silly and tell them stories of their Irish lineage. Encouraging them to trust their own intuition and to speak to God in their own way is a rewarding part of being a Sacred Feminine Grandma. And as most grandparents point out you also get to send the grand kids home to their parents at the end of the day.
The birth of a grandchild is a sacred event. We get to witness and celebrate our child bringing a child into the world. As a Sacred Feminine Grandma the only requirement is to be the expression of love. What a joy!!!
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