How to Please Customers by Giving Them a Pleasant Experience

Certain things are inherently important when it comes to keeping customers happy. Memorable products, good customer service and a clean environment are all things that will keep customers coming back. However, if you really want to wow the people that walk through your door, and ensure that they do it again and again, it’s best to consider some of the finer points of your services. For example, nearly every restaurant provides to go containers to their customers. This is just part of running a business that provides food, and something that most people assume will be available when they go to a restaurant.
However, sometimes simply providing a solution to fit a need isn’t enough. For example, if your idea of to go containers consists of a roll of aluminum foil and a stack of paper bags, you’re likely going to lose customers. People like to feel as though you’re reading their minds. They want to walk into a business and be presented with everything just the way they like it. They want options. They want to feel taken care of.
One aspect of a business that is often overlooked is the restroom. You may not have considered how a customer’s experience in your lavatory affects their overall opinion of the visit. Unfortunately, simply providing a restroom isn’t enough, and this is where the disconnect occurs. People want to feel pampered when they step into the restroom of a business. They want fancy soap, pretty flower arrangements and attractive décor. They also want options when it comes to hand-drying. As silly as this sounds, it’s true. The die-hard environmentalists want to see hand dryers, which reduces paper waste. However, there are others that prefer paper toweling, and these people have a whole different set psn codes hack of love this game website reasons why paper is king when it comes to hand-drying.
So, how do you choose between two very valid sets of beliefs? The worst mistake is to choose just one. Although it’s certainly a cheaper option, it also leaves a large portion of your customers with an option that is not acceptable to them. In truth, each option has its own list of benefits which warrants having both a hand dryer and paper towels in your bathroom. You can do things to improve each of these options as well. For example, be sure to buy paper towels with a high content of recycled materials. You can find Georgia Pacific paper towels that are made from 100% recycled content. That is a paper towel you can feel good about, even the environmentalists can’t deny that.
One of the biggest complaints, of both environmentally concerned patrons and of business owners, is that paper toweling is wasteful. One of the ways you can combat this problem is to dole out toweling to each individual customer. Generally speaking, this is done with an automatic paper towel dispenser such as the Georgia Pacific EnMotion. Since these machines automatically cut and dispense the toweling to the customers, less paper is wasted. Additionally, since they are touch-free, there is less chance of cross-contamination. Like regular paper towels, you can find enMotion paper towels that contain a high content of recycled materials. Even those who prefer dryers can’t deny that the EnMotion is a good option when compared to traditional paper towels.
While these issues may seem trivial, it’s worth the effort to think about your customer’s needs and preferences. Providing adequate to go containers and stocking your restroom with both enMotion game of war fire age cheats hack tool paper towels and hand dryers are two things that go a long way towards making your customers feel like you care about their experience in your establishment.

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