Isopure Proteins – Good Or Bad For The Elderly?

Nature’s Best Isopure is considered to be the purest protein source commercially available. It is used for weight loss and/or muscle gain by millions worldwide. Just mix Isopure powder with milk, water or tea and you’ll have a very pure protein source.

Their potential benefits or risks weren’t properly presented on the over 65 years age group. I will try to point out below a few facts about using these protein sources by the elderly:

First of all I must point out that adequate amounts of high quality proteins are essential for slowing down/treating sarcopenia. These should however be accompanied by regular exercise to decrease whole body fat-free mass. Inadequate protein intake can lead to adverse metabolic and physiological accommodation responses that include the loss of fat-free mass and muscle strength and size. Science Daily for example has recently published a study to suggest that a diet containing moderate amounts of protein-rich food such as beef, fish, pork, chicken, dairy or nuts may help slow the deterioration of elderly.Protein supplements can also increase insulin-like growth factor I levels; increased IGF-l like levels will subsequently decrease Type 1(female) and 2 (male) osteoporosis.

Energy intake is lower in elderly. WHO recommends a 2050 kcal/day intake for people over 75 (in 23-50 years age group the recommended value for males is 2700 kcal). Protein intake however remains the same (56 g daily). This means older people should eat fewer carbs and more proteins – zero/low carbs Isopure Proteins are wwe supercard hack ideal for this task.

Elderly people should however keep in mind that, even though protein supplements are good for them, they shouldn’t use them all the time and especially shouldn’t use them more information as the main energy source; metabolic protein breakdown can lead to large amount of ketones which makes the blood more acid blitz brigade hack and affects the liver and the kidneys. This is especially the case with Zero Carb Isopure products as they have very high protein levels.

As a conclusion, if you are an elderly person you should only use moderate amounts; more than that the risks are pretty high and you should be careful. If you have kidney or liver diseases avoid using them without medical advice.

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