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Topics 1) Some have said that the emphasis of Othello is not the concept figure, as-is the case with Shakespeare’s other great tragedies, Macbeth. And Hamlet. Is Othello merely also one-dimensional to become deemed a destructive hero that is great? Does his academic essay writing improbable that is seemingly gullibility minimize our fascination with him and his suffering? 2) Why does Othello not examine Iagois suggestions? Why does Othello not seek their own evidence of the infidelity of Desdemona? 3) Samuel Taylor Coleridge once wrote that Iagois soliloquies would be the "purpose-tracking of motiveless malignity." Is this an exact declaration? Does Iago possess reasons or an objective for his violence of Othello? 4) Discover the smoothness of Desdemona.

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What does she signify within the play? 5) If you read the play directly you will observe that inadequate period could have elapsed on Cyprus for Desdemona to possess committed adultery. Study the problem of time in Othello and the achievable spectacular factors behind this improbable passing of time. 6) Examine Othello’s romance with Desdemona. Does he truly enjoy her? 7) Study the feminine figures in the play. Is a purpose that is common shared by them? 8) Examine the issue of bigotry in Othello and bond it to the troubles of racial hate in Elizabethan England.

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